The Court

CIMA (Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration) is an Arbitration Court constituted as a private association that offers arbitration in disputes of a civil and commercial nature.

Founded in July 1989 and located in Madrid, CIMA currently has a full list of national and international arbitrators, professionally qualified and with proven experience. All our arbitrators
meet the most rigorous standards set by Government Commission.

In accordance with Law 60/2003 of December 23 on Arbitration, the Court operates an alternative to the regular law courts. It is effective and efficient in resolving civil and commercial disputes whatever the sector of economic life in which they arise. The Court acts with full independence. The Court may also, in accordance with its statutes, carry out mediation and dispute resolution functions.

Through specific rules established in its Rules of Procedure, foreign law can also be applied in a flexible and straight forward manner, as a valid instrument of resolving disputes arising in
international commercial exchanges with or by foreign natural or legal persons.